Digital impressions with Intra Oral Scanner

Many patients dread impressions because they have a gag reflex. The moment they see the impression trays they have a feeling of gagging. An intraoral scanner is a device to capture the impressions without using those cumbersome trays and mud like material. Digital impressions Intra-Oral Scanner gives a very precise and accurate impression digitally.

Advantages of Intra Oral Scanner :

1) It is a very comfortable experience for the patient.
2) It makes the impressions really fast and accurate.
3) It helps easy impression making and reduces retakes.
4) Patients like this newer and advanced technology.
5) Patients make a great impression of the doctor.
6) It saves a lot of time for the patient as well as the doctor.

Digital impressions Intra-Oral Scanner


Intra Oral Scanner can be used for the following :
1) Crown
2 )Bridge
3) Inlays and Onlays
4) Removable partial denture
5) Complete denture
6) Orthodontic appliance
7) Post and core
8) Cast partial denture
9) Dental implant

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