Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction (FMR) is required when we neglect our hygiene for a long time and simple case is converted into a complex case and then we require multiple experts to coordinate with each other to get the better outcome, like Endodontist for root canal treatment, Periodontist for gums problems, Prosthodontist for crown and bridge work and implantologist for dental implants.

Here is a set of question which you need to answer and if your answer is yes to any of these questions then you are the right candidate for FMR:-

  • Do you have severely worn out tooth resulting in a sensitivity of tooth?
  • Do you have a loss or reduction of chewing capability?
  • Do you have curiously or broken down tooth resulting in food lodgement?
  • Do you have pain in muscles around the mouth?
  • Do you have pain in Temporomandibular Joint TMJ?
  • Do you have clicking sound around the TMJ

Patients complete examination of TMJ, Muscles, Teeth is carried out with the help of Radiographs like RVG or OPG or CBCT and understand the behavior of teeth and muscles with the help of T-Scan.

We at Muskan Dental clinic utilize the latest technologies and perform a combination of different types of treatment so that we can give you the desired end results. The goal of this treatment is to align the jaws in proper position and repair the damaged teeth so that you can eat and smile with confidence. After the completion of full mouth reconstruction, we giveĀ our patients complete post-treatment instructions so that your desired smile remains with you for a long period of time.

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