In today’s world, everybody is looking for instant gratification and everyone is busy in their life may be because of office or family work. Dr. Sudhir Yadav and his team have developed a technique through which they can provide your dental implant and a tooth in a single visit, which is painless, less invasive and very fast. At the muskan dental clinic, we offer the best of the dental implants with affordable price which is personalized for each patient.Dr. Sudhir Yadav and his team are the only one who offers full jaw rehabilitation with fixed teeth in a single visit in entire Gurgaon.

Dr. Sudhir Yadav is a practicing dental surgeon since 1998 and is part of Indian Academy of oral implantology (isoi), Academy of oral implantology (aoi) and international congress of oral implantology (icoi) and according to him dental implant is the best way to replace missing tooth in which he places titanium root in the bone and give crown on the same visit which looks and feel like a natural teeth.

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Types of Implants

Dental implants are suitable for all kind of situations i.e single tooth missing, multiple teeth missing or all the teeth are missing. We have different options available for different situations.

All on four or six

Multiple teeth missing

Single teeth missing

  • All on four or six

when patient loss all your teeth from the upper or lower or both the jaws. The can be replaced by either all on four technique or all on six-technique.

  • Multiple teeth missing

when patient loss his few teeth and the rest of the teeth are in a healthy state. This kind of situation can be treated by dental implants.

  • Single teeth missing

when a patient lost his teeth because of accident or gum problem or fracture teeth. This type of problem is treated by the implant in a single visit only.


This involves the placement of an artificial root into the jaw bone. This root is made up of biocompatible (body friendly) material which holds the artificial crown or cap. A dental implant is a replacement of a missing tooth and not a replacement of the tooth.

Frequently asked questions

Q1.  What are dental implants?

Ans. Dental implants is the best  way to replace the missing tooth  which is made up of body friendly material and integrates with bone  to provide support for the dental crown or denture.

Q2.  What will happen without dental implant treatment?

Ans. After tooth removal  when we place the dental implant , bone get same stimulation as  with natural tooth and almost there is no bone loss. Loosing a teeth can change  your smile and shape of your face and patient looks prematurely aged.

Q3.  Am i a right candidate for dental implants ?

Ans. Dental Implants can be placed in most of the patient except uncontrolled Diabetes and patient undergoing treatment for cancer.

Q4. Is dental Implant placement is painful ?

Ans.  No dental implant is not a painful treatment because it is done under local anesthesia and Dr Sudhir Yadav and his team uses latest equipments and technique makes it minimum post operative discomfort.

Q.5. How soon may i return to work after treatment?

Ans. Patient  may return to his or her work on next day only, we  will prescribe some medicine for few days so that patient will not feel any discomfort .

Q.6. How long does it take to place a Dental implant?

Ans.  Depends on number of dental implants, it may vary from 30 to 60 minutes.

Q.7. What if there is not enough bone for the placement of dental implants in the jaws?

Ans. There are various techniques to treat such kind of cases for example artificial bone grafts, Bone expansions and etc.

Q.8. When i will receive my new teeth?

Ans. In muskan dental and implant centre, we provide immediate temporary teeth on the same day after the dental implant placement. sometimes it varies  from situation to situation of the patient. Sometimes dental implant might require sometime to integrate with the bone.

Q.9. How do i care for my dental implant ?

Ans.  Home care of dental implant requires regular and effective brushing and dental flossing. Regular dental visit is essential for  long term success of the dental implants.

Q.10. What is the success rate of dental implants?

Ans. Dental implants have very high success rate of dental implant , which varies from 98 to 99 percent.

Q.11. How does the long term value of dental implant compare to conventional treatment options ?

Ans. Dental implants are very easy to maintain and improves your confidence because it feels like you own tooth. So the value of dental implant is far far better than the conventional options.

Q.12. Are dental implants covered in Insurance ?

Ans. Dental insurance varies from company to company and case to case but in muskan dental and implant centre, we provide you the ZERO percent financing option for all kind of dental treatment with minimum documentation.


You can chew your favorite food like nuts or non-vegetarian food as you do with your natural dentitions. Due to the loss of natural teeth, a person looks more aged than his/her actual age and with the help of a dental implant, we can immediately reverse his/her appearance and give you a naturally pleasing smile. For the replacement of a missing tooth, we do not need to cut the natural healthy tooth, which is required for the bridge preparation. A person who cannot tolerate removable dentures (partial or complete dentures), a dental implant is a treatment of choice. A person who lost their last teeth and it is impossible to make a dental bridge.

The dental implant can improve your smile. Once we place the dental implant in the jaw bone, Prevent the further loss of natural jaw bone. A dental implant is a lifetime procedure, once the procedure is done, it is supposed to serve a lifetime. The dental implant procedure is a highly sensitive procedure that requires high surgical and prosthetic skills. Dr. Sudhir Yadav is practicing dental implant (implantology) from the last 15 years in Gurgaon. We use only the best quality dental implants which meet the International standards like:NOBEL BIOCARE, DIO IMPLANTS, OSSTEM IMPLANTS, ALPHA BIO, AND BREDENT IMPLANT SYSTEM.

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