If you are looking for the treatment of irregular teeth without braces then here is good news for you. Muskan dental clinic offers the cheapest Invisible Braces treatment in Gurgaon for irregular teeth with clear aligners. This is a technology that is very precise and almost invisible. Now you can get your orthodontic treatment done without wire and braces and you can remove them while eating or drinking and for special events, so it becomes very easy to maintain the oral hygiene (Brushing and Flossing). This gives you more self-esteem and more confidence.

Invisible braces aligners involve a series of steps:

1.Taking a 3D impression of the patient’s mouth
2. Virtual planning is done in a software
3. 3D printing of aligners
4. Alignersworn by the patient for a specific period of time

Advantages of Invisible Braces.

1. Aesthetically very good since it’s invisible.
2. Easy maintenance, remove while eating or drinking and for special events.
3. More comfortable than brackets and wires.
4. Digitally you can review your treatment progress.
5. 100% guaranteed results.
6. No food restrictions.

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