Prevention of Tooth Decay in children

Oral or dental health in children is very important because the health of your milk teeth affects the health of your permanent teeth .if your baby’s milk teeth lose early it may result in migration of adjacent teeth and they will not provide space to permanent teeth to erupt.
Most of the parents ask me this question:

“what is the right age for my baby to visit to the dentist?”
The right age for the first visit to the dentist starts from the first 6 months of his or her life. once the tooth erupts in the mouth we need to start to take caring of that tooth.


Step 1. To your surprise, parents need to maintain their oral or dental health.

Step 2. pregnant women should visit the dentist.

Step 3. Depending upon the age of your child, you need to modify his or her dental health care.
a. Age till 6 months: Parents need to start caring baby’s teeth once it erupts in the mouth. You can use clean gauze piece or finger brush to clean their teeth.
b. Age from 6 months to 3 years: children: Brushing twice daily for at least 2 minutes.
No milk or juices while going to bed.Start using glass for drinking rather than sipper because a child can not drink milk with glass while sleeping.

Step 4. Avoid sugary and starchy food: kids love chocolates, sweets, burgers, pizzas potato chips but they are highly cariogenic ( food that causes caries or cavities ).they can have this food in limited quantities but need to brush properly after that.

Step 5. A regular visit to the dentist is very important because the dentist can identify the early caries lesions and can be prevented without expensive treatment.

Step 6. Fluoride application is a very important tool to prevent caries in children.


Dental problems can be prevented by a regular visit to a dentist when you see the first sign of a dental problem or if you have any question regarding his/ her dental health.your child can have healthy and natural teeth for a lifetime if you can manage to prevent the disease rather than curing it later.
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