Root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure to save a badly damaged tooth. as the name suggests it is the treatment of the canals of the tooth.

The tooth is comprised of three layers:-

  • The outer layer is called the enamel.
  • The Middle layer is called dentin.
  • The Inner layer is called pulp.

If the tooth is badly damaged or carious and caries extends up to the first 2 layers. It can be taken care of by the filling but if the infection reaches the third layer. Then we have to resort to a procedure called root canal treatment to save the tooth.

Basically, root canal treatment is a procedure to save the damaged or destroyed tooth.

The process involves the opening of the root canals and then cleaning and shaping of these canals. So, they are ready to accept a specific kind of filling material.

After the filling is done, the tooth is restored back to the normal functioning tooth. Either by building it up with filling material or by giving it a crown. So that, it functions for a long period of time.

At muskan dental, we can assure you a high quality of treatment for your bad/damaged teeth. we use premium equipment for our valuable and precious patient.

We have a team of highly professional doctors, who are always ready to cure your problem that you are dealing for a long time. So,we can assure you a painless root treatment for your badly damaged teeth.

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