Dentistry until now comprised only to get relief from pain or restoration of the decayed teeth. Everyone dreaded a trip to the dentist.

Esthetics is such an integral part of our lives today but was kept at the periphery of a dental concern. People are aware of the importance of a beautiful smile and so a paradigm shift to cosmetic dentistry is inevitable. The dental professionals aware of the growing demand and the importance of a beautiful smile came up with a lot of cosmetic options. Smile makeover (designing) is one of the key cosmetic treatments.

What is a smile makeover (designing)?

Smile designing is a process whereby the complete oral hard and soft tissues are studied and evaluated and certain changes are brought about which will have a positive influence on the overall aesthetics of the face. The final picture we achieve is a merger wherein the various features of the face, smile, teeth, and gums complement each other naturally and completely. This will truly recover the patients smile.
Muskan Dental Clinic has the most efficient and professional doctors to cater to the patient demands thereby providing them with their desired results.

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