Implantology is a technique of placing and restoring the teeth in the jaw which was considered to be very superior but the only problem was the waiting period after implant placement which dental Implantologist and patient do not want to wait for few months to get the new teeth.
Dr. Sudhir Yadav is one of the best dental implant surgeon in Gurgaon, who introduced a new dental implant system which is known as “TOOTH IN AN HOUR”.


  1. The first step is to evaluate the medical and dental condition of the patient to check if the patient is the right candidate for this technique or not.
  2. The digital impression is taken to make the replacement teeth or tooth in advance.
  3. This is a new digital implantology in which with the help of CBCT ( 3D X-Ray) to select the correct location for the dental implants.
  4. The surgical guide is prepared with the help of a 3D printer to make sure the implant is placed in a correct position.
  5. This is possible with the help of “3 SHAPE IMPLANT STUDIO SOFTWARE AND CBCT” combining this technology and their workflow allows us to send the patient with implant and crown of the tooth within an hour.


  1. As the name indicates, this treatment is completed in approximately one hour.
  2. No incision required.
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