When a child loses his first tooth he feels scared. Generally, this fear is whether the space that is created due to the fall of the tooth will be recovered back or not. The Child loses his first tooth at the age of 6 years.
The milk tooth once lost can be recovered back when the permanent tooth takes its place. (in the place of this milk tooth.) So the child needs not to get fearful if the tooth is lost space. It will surely be covered with the corresponding permanent tooth.

Children generally lose their teeth as a normal process of growing up but if they lose their teeth too early then it is a cause of concern as this can happen due to any accidental injury.
If the milk teeth are embedded in the gum due to an injury then it can damage the tooth bud of the permanent teeth forming below. This should ideally be taken care of by the doctor.

If the milk teeth are lost as a normal course of action and if there is any bleeding. It can be controlled either by placing an ice pack on the site or by putting a gauze pack. (at that site). The bleeding will stop in an hour or so.
Parents should take good care of the child’s milk teeth. Though milk teeth will fall off until they do they play a very important role in guiding the permanent teeth were to erupt when its time for the milk teeth to fall off and permanent ones to erupt. Also, milk teeth help the child to chew the food properly that it is digested better.

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