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A Dental Emergency is quite common in our country and sometimes we neglect the small discomfort or symptoms that get worse with due course of time and suddenly leads to a big problem. Today I will write about the common dental emergencies and their first aids because as a layperson most of the people have no idea to how to tackle the situation. after you know that how to respond in these situations you can utilize every minute. It is very important to see the dental surgeon and discuss your dental problem because this first aid is for emergencies. The common dental emergencies are :

1. Broken Tooth:

It may occur due to trauma like an accident or eating hard candies or because of sports injuries, so, first of all, find out the broken part of the tooth and bring it to a dentist so that he can repair the tooth. If the person is bleeding compress the bleeding area with a cold and clean cloth till the time you reach the dental surgeon.

2. Abscess or Infection :

It occurs because of poor oral hygiene that causes systemic problems like Diabetes or heart problems . if these problem not treated properly than it may leads to chronic systemic problems.

3. Loose tooth :

Extremely loose tooth occurs due to dental caries, gum disease or due to injury. Some time these tooth can be saved by tooth dentist by reimplantation.

4. Toothache :

Toothache can occur due to cavities in teeth or due to gums problems or even due to fractured filling or inflammation of gums. In such situation , you need to reach a dentist as soon as possible, meanwhile you take painkiller in emergency.

5. Tongue or cheek bite :

If you are getting cheek or tongue bite frequently , it may be because of sharp teeth at wrong place so you need to realign your teeth with the help of dental surgeon.


Just like your general first aid kit you can get dental emergency first aid kit which mainly contains- Antibiotics, painkiller, mouthwashes and dental floss . in first aid it involves a reduction in pain and swelling and first finding chipped or complete tooth so that it can be reimplanted in patient’s mouth.

Cold application and painkiller

In case of any dental injuries, cold application in the form of cold pack or cold wet cloth works really well. whenever there is an injury it is a normal mechanism of the body to have swelling in that region and the application of cold pack in that region can help to reduce the swelling to minimal.There have been times when after the cold application there has been no swelling seen at all. In case of any injury pain is always accompanied with it. The best line of treatment in such a case is to give painkillers like calpol as along with pain relief it also has an anti-inflammatory effect which means it helps to reduce the swelling that is accompanied.

Find the knocked out tooth

It is very important to find the chipped tooth portion or the tooth in case of complete tooth avulsion or completely knocked out a tooth. It is very important to preserve the knocked out tooth so that it